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Don’t Stress: Five Steps for Your Buyer’s Letter Success

Heather PogueFebruary 21st, 2024Writing a buyer’s letter is important to completing a successful swine or beef project. It is not as intimidating or stressful as it may seem and can be accomplished in a few steps. Here are a few steps to help you along the way:   Introduction: Begin your letter with a warm and welcoming introduction. […]

Learning about Youth Online Peer Support

Amanda QuintosFebruary 12th, 2024For better or for worse, the Internet has had profound effects on the ways that people connect. When I was younger, face-to-face interactions and phone calls with peers I saw at school or extracurricular activities largely shaped the landscape of my social life. Now, with a plethora of apps, platforms, and online forums, it has […]

Recognizing Value – Mental Health Blogging Series

Daniel GonzalezFebruary 8th, 2024By Daniel Gonzalez (UF/IFAS Extension Palm Beach County) and Chelsea Jones (Cornell Cooperative Extension Cortland County)    We welcome you back to our mental health blogging series. This is our final installment of the series in which we will recap everything we have discussed in the last 10 months, and wrap-up with recognizing the value […]