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Publication #4HASP02

Pork Retail Identification Cuts1

Brian Estevez, Chad Carr, and Larry Eubanks2

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Pork Retail Identification Cuts includes all of the pork cuts, primals, and cooking methods that are included in the Florida 4-H Meat Judging Contest. This contest, coordinated by the Florida 4-H Animal Sciences program, develops life skills through activities related to the processing of beef, pork, and lamb, including retail identification, meat quality factors, and cooking methods.

Species: Pork


Fresh Ham Center Slice, dry/moist

Fresh Ham Rump Portion, dry/moist

Fresh Ham Shank Portion, dry/moist

Smoked Ham (Bnls), dry

Smoked Ham Center Slice, dry

Smoked Ham Rump Portion, dry

Smoked Ham Shank Portion, dry

Tip Roast (Bnls), dry

Top Roast (Bnls), dry


Back Ribs, dry/moist

Blade Chop, dry/moist

Blade Chop (Bnls), dry/moist

Blade Roast, dry/moist

Butterflied Chop (Bnls), dry

Center Loin Roast, dry

Center Rib Roast, dry

Country Style Ribs, dry/moist

Loin Chop, dry

Rib Chop, dry

Sirloin Chop, dry

Sirloin Cutlets, dry

Sirloin Roast, dry

Smoked Loin Chop, dry

Smoked Rib Chop, dry

Tenderloin (Whole), dry

Top Loin Chop, dry

Top Loin Chop (Bnls), dry

Top Loin Roast (Bnls), dry


Spareribs, dry/moist


Arm Picnic, dry/moist

Arm Roast, dry/moist

Arm Steak, dry/moist

Blade Boston, dry/moist

Blade Steak, dry/moist

Smoked Picnic (Whole), dry/moist


Slab Bacon, dry

Sliced Bacon, dry

Fresh Side, moist


Ground Pork, dry

Hocks, moist

Pork Cubed Steak, dry/moist

Sausage Link/Patties, dry

Smoked Hocks, moist



This document is 4HASP02, one of a series of the 4-H Youth Development Department, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date November 2017. Visit the EDIS website at


Brian Estevez, Extension agent II, 4-H Youth Development Department, UF/IFAS Extension Escambia County, Cantonment, FL 32533; Chad Carr, associate professor, state meat Extension specialist; and Larry Eubanks, coordinator of research programs, Department of Animal Sciences; UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL 32611.

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