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4-H Archery Leader Guide: Basic and Advanced Levels, Ages 8–18 Years

4H431/4H431by Julia S. Kelly, Matt Benge, and Glenn IsraelSeptember 20th, 2023The purpose of this guide is to provide a resource for archery leaders that includes reflection, application and evaluation with the activities. Written by Julia S. Kelly, and published by the Florida 4-H Youth Development Program, UF/IFAS Extension, June 2023.Critical Issue: Youth

Awareness and Intelligence with Emotions

4H443/4H443by Heather Janney and Daniel GonzalezSeptember 17th, 2023Emotions are a part of every human being. There are hundreds of emotions along with variations, mutations, and blends of those emotions. They tell us about what we are experiencing and help us to know how to react. There are no good or bad emotions, but there are good and bad ways of expressing (or acting on) emotions. In working with youth, who have the least experience with their emotions, extension professionals and volunteers – adults, must use extra special attention to their interactions. It is like building a pyramid with cups; any small action or interaction can make things start to tumble downward. As extension professionals and 4-H Volunteers working directly with youth, we can see these pyramids in the process of building up and tumbling down and we also have the ability to use the skills of emotional awareness and emotional intelligence to help deter again the potential negative impacts of youth breaking down with their emotions.Critical Issue: Youth

Florida 4-H Exploration: Careers in Horticulture

4H438/4H438by Marguerite Beckford, Sarah Davis, Kristie Popa, and Marnie WardSeptember 13th, 2023This publication highlights some of the many career pathways in horticulture. 4-H youth and 4-H club leaders can use the document to explore potential career interests. Written by Marguerite Beckford, Sarah Davis, Kristie Popa, and Marnie Ward, and published by the Florida 4-H Youth Development Program, UF/IFAS Extension, September 2023.Critical Issue: Youth

4-H GROW: A Path for a Successful 4-H in School Program

4H437/4H437by Michael Shawn Jackson and Andrew ToelleAugust 7th, 20234-H in School programs can reach large groups of youth in a narrow age range, yet they are difficult for many 4-H agents to implement. Building on Ask IFAS publication 4H324, the GROW model is a practical guide for agents to follow to increase the likelihood of beginning and sustaining a successful 4-H in School program. This model addresses who agents can reach out to when in the initial phases of beginning a 4-H in School program and steps to follow as it is being developed.  The model also outlines an organizational plan to eliminate miscommunication and unexpected mishaps by offering a clear understanding of expectations for all participants involved.  Finally, the model identifies tips to make a school enrichment program operate smoothly based on feedback from teachers and 4-H Agents with experience working with 4-H school enrichment programs.Critical Issue: Youth

Food Demonstration Guide

4H435/4H435by Geralyn SachsJuly 19th, 2023This guide will help you plan and deliver a well-organized presentation that is entertaining and educational for your audience. A 4-H demonstration is a great way for you to share your passion and teach others about your 4-H food-related project work. Written by Geralyn Sachs, and published by the UF/IFAS Extension Florida 4-H Youth Development Program, June 2023.Critical Issue: Youth