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4-H Youth Development


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4-H Agent Guide for Managing the Approval, Denial, and Releasing of Volunteers in Florida 4-H

Critical Issue: Youth

The purpose of these Volunteer Management Guidelines is to provide Extension faculty assistance with approving, denying, and releasing volunteers. This document contains several example letters that may be used and other useful tools to assist you with this process. It also demonstrates steps in approving, denying, and releasing volunteers. Written by Andrew Toelle, Heather Kent, and Sophia Cooney; 7 pp.
Released On: 04-12-2022

What’s Involved in Caring for Dairy Goats

Critical Issue: Agricultural and Food Systems

The 4-H dairy goat project is an excellent choice for young people who enjoy working with animals. This particular project allows a 4-H member to work with the same animal for an extended period, possibly even years, as both “kids” can grow together. This new 4-page publication, written by Chris DeCubellis and Izabella Toledo, will explore some of the minimum requirements to successfully care for a dairy goat.
Released On: 04-05-2022

Action Research: A Methodology for Organizational Change

Critical Issue: Youth

Change is inevitable. When working within an organization, figuring out what needs to change can be a big issue. Having quality information available for use can make the decision process clearer and more effective. Action research is a methodology that can be used by people internal to an organization to identify what changes need to be made. This new 3-page publication of the UF/IFAS Florida 4-H Youth Development Program was written by Dale Pracht, Andrew Toelle, and Brent Broaddus.
Released On: 02-27-2022

Welcome to the Hive! Honey Bee 4-H Project Book

Critical Issue: Youth

The purpose of this publication is to provide a 4-H project book that discusses honey bees and their importance to our nation’s agriculture. The intent is to introduce the world of honey bees to youth ages 8 to 12, with or without any previous beekeeping background or knowledge. This book consists of six sections that familiarize youth with the honey bee’s basic anatomy and life cycle, the three members of the honey bee colony, their roles and responsibilities, and colony communication. Each section has been designed to give youth a brief introduction to a topic and offers activities building on that topic. Written by Megan Hammond, Amy T. Vu, Mary Bammer, Emily Helton, Karen Henry, Jessica Sullivan, and James D. Ellis; 56 pp.
Released On: 02-20-2022

Market Hog Project Financial Considerations

Critical Issue: Youth

The aim of this new 6-page document is to introduce the financial considerations for a market hog project, to maximize profits for the project and to demystify the unexpected expenses that are often incurred. Secondarily, this document is designed to serve as a guide in creating a market hog project budget. The audience for this document includes youth interested in or participating in a market hog project, their families, and other interested parties. Written by Alyssa Schortinghouse, Brian Estevez, Chad Carr, and Nick Simmons, and published by the UF/IFAS Florida 4-H Youth Development Program.
Released On: 02-09-2022