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Discovering the Treasure of Public Speaking Member Project Guide

Joy C. Jordan and Emily Eubanks

Discovering the Treasure of Pubic Speaking Member Project Guide (4H PUM 10) is a communication and expressive arts and sciences publication for 4-H members ages 10 and over. The guide teaches members how to pick the purpose of their speech how to collect the information and even tips on how to give a speech.


Chapter 1: Uncovering Clues—Researching and Selecting a Topic

Chapter 2: Types of Loot—Types of Speeches

Chapter 3: Reading a Treasure Map—Writing Your Speech

Chapter 4: Finding the Treasure—Delivering Your Speech

Chapter 5: Determing Value—Critiquing

Chapter 6: Becoming a Treasure Hunter—Careers

In EDIS this publication is DLN 4H197.

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Publication #4HPUM10

Release Date:February 5, 2018

Reviewed At:September 5, 2023

Related Experts

Eubanks, Emily Eckhardt


University of Florida


About this Publication

Discovering the Treasure of Public Speaking Member Project Guide is 4HPUM10, DLN 4H197, 4-H Youth Development, UF/IFAS Extension. Revised September 2005. Reviewed JVisit the EDIS website at for the currently supported version of this publication. It was previously published as 4H Public Speaking Member Guide I, and as Speak Up!, FL 4-H Public Speaking Project Guide. Please visit the Florida 4-H Youth Development Curriculum website at

About the Authors

Joy C. Jordan, associate professor and 4-H Youth Development Curriculum Specialist, and Emily Eubanks, 4-H Student Association, Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences, UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL 32611.


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