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Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems—Facilitator Evaluation1

Karen Blyler and Joy Jordan 2

The Aquatic/Marine Ecosystems Curriculum

Please provide us with your thoughts and comments on this curriculum so that we may continue to develop and enhance the learning experiences we offer youth.

  1. County in which you are located or teach: ________________________________

  2. Age level at which you implemented activities: ________________________________

  3. Approximately, how many of your youth were engaged in the activities of this curriculum? _____

Circle all answers that apply.

4. The population of youth I work with is: _____ rural _____ suburban _____urban

5. The group(s) I work with is a:_____ 4-H Community Club _____ In-School Group _____ After-School Group _____ Homeschool Club _____ Other _________________________________________________________________________

6. How many of the lessons have you completed: _____ None _____ One _____ Two _____ Three +

7. How did you receive this activity guide? ___________________________________________________

Please answer the following statements by circling your response. One (1) being strongly disagree, three (3) being neutral, and five (5) being strongly agree.

Table 1. 

17. As a result of using this activity guide, did your group participate in a marine/aquatic science servicelearning project (e.g. a river cleanup, restoration project, or other citizenship action activity)? If so, please briefly describe it. ___________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. What was the best part about AQUATIC/MARINE ECOSYSTEMS?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

19. What did you like least about this activity guide?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please return this form to:

UF/IFAS 4-H State Headquarters
Attn: Sarah Hensley
2142 Shealy Drive
PO Box 110225

Gainesville, FL 32611


1. This document is 4H353, one of a series of the 4-H Youth Development Department, UF/IFAS Extension. Original publication date May 1998. Revised November 2014. Reviewed October 2017. Visit the EDIS website at
2. Karen Blyer, state 4-H science coordinator; and Joy Jordan, 4-H curriculum specialist (retired); UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL 32611. Original version written by Jerry Cullen, Elise Cassie, Tammy Cushing, Wendy Flanagan, and Mike Harrington; UF/IFAS Extension, Gainesville, FL 32611.

Publication #4H353

Date: 11/5/2017

  • Critical Issue: Youth


  • Sarah Hensley