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Hungry caterpillars can cause a lot of damage to your precious plants. Your best defense is to scout your landscape on a regular basis. Look over your plants carefully a couple of times a week. If you see chewing damage, try to find the critter responsible. It's probably a caterpillar. Source: Gardening in a Minute, Caterpillars on Ornamentals

Caterpillars are the larval stage of insects in the order Lepidoptera, which includes butterflies and moths.

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The oleander moth – color and calamity

Ralph MitchellAugust 25th, 2023Most moths are nocturnal and can be colorful additions to our backyards often attracted to lights at night or found on the side of the house in the morning.  There are also what are called “day-flying moths” which include the polka-dot wasp moth also known as the oleander moth.  This beautiful iridescent, spotted, red-rump moth […]

Chasing the Worm, Identifying the Species–Mezcal Science

Hannah WootenApril 10th, 2023Did you know that nobody knew what kind of worm was in mezcal? Recently, UF entomologists chased the worm all the way to the agave farms making mezcal in Mexico. Mezcal is a growing industry, and while it has been consumed for hundreds of years, the lingering worm at the bottom of the bottle was […]

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