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Don’t Forget The Bull: Considerations For Bull Selection & Management

Lizzie WhiteheadJune 4th, 2024As the cost of cattle rises, it is becoming increasingly important to select the best bull for your herd. Bulls contribute 50% of the genetics for a calf crop, selecting a high-quality bull will help his genetics spread through your herd faster making it a necessary investment. A bull must meet the needs of the […]

Pasture Prep: How to Test Soil, Fertilize, Control Weeds and More

Rod GrederMay 7th, 2024What is the fundamental key for successfully keeping horses, producing beef or pasturing poultry, pigs or small ruminants? It is the quality of grass you are raising. If you have a trust fund, you can feed expensive hay. The rest of us depend on grass. Perceptive livestock producers understand they are “grass farmers,” first and […]

Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu and its potential impact on Florida Livestock

Jonael BosquesMay 3rd, 2024The production of food and fiber is an extremely risky endeavor. Farmers and ranchers are at the mercy of the elements. Mark Twain said it best: “Farming is simply gambling with dirt”. Taking calculated risks and preventive measures can significantly impact what we do when feeding the world. Today we will be discussing an emerging […]

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