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Feed Legumes

Grassy or tree legume that provides leaves and stems for grazing or use in silage.


Forage is defined as the edible part of a plant, other than the separated grain, that is generally above ground and that can provide feed for grazing animals or can be harvested for feeding.  [NALT]


Grasses, clover, alfalfa and other legumes, or any other leafy plant material that is cut and dried to be used for animal feeding. [NALT]

A term applied mainly to grasses (but may include legumes and herbs) that have been cut and dried, usually in the field, to preserve as fodder. [AGROVOC]


Any crop that is harvested green and preserved in a succulent condition by partial fermentation in a more-or-less airtight container such as a silo.

Silage refers to feed preserved by an anaerobic fermentation process in which lactic acid and volatile fatty acids (produced by fermentation) lower the pH of the silage.


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