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42nd Annual Volusia County Farm Tour

Ashley StonecipherOctober 27th, 2023November 17, 2023 from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm The Volusia County Farm Tour has been a popular fall tradition since 1981. The agriculture industry is the silent engine of the Volusia County economy where local farmers create jobs, feed families and pump more than $780 million in the local economy. The University of Florida/IFAS […]

Steps on How to Utilize Cool Season Forages in Your Pastures

Lizzie WhiteheadOctober 24th, 2023It is the time of year to start implementing cool-season forages in your pastures.  Our perennial warm season pasture grasses in Florida become dormant in the fall and winter months because of the shorter days, cooler temperatures, and frosts. Planting a cool-season forage provides many benefits to your herd. These grasses are usually higher in […]

‘Invisible fence’ keeps cattle on ranch, helps protect environment

Brad BuckOctober 18th, 2023For decades, Jim Strickland has managed and operated Blackbeard’s Ranch in Myakka City. As much as he cares about his cattle, he sees himself as an environmental steward. Strickland, 68, has been in the cattle business since he was a child. He loves the land, and he believes in the value science brings to his […]

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