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Agrochemicals are commercially produced, usually synthetic, chemical compounds used in farming such as a fertilizer, pesticide or soil conditioner.,Any substanceor mixture of substances used or intended to be used for preventing, destroying, repelling, attracting, inhibiting, or controlling any insects, rodents, birds, nematodes, bacteria, fungi, weeds or other forms of plant, animal or microbial life regarded as pests. [AGROVOC]


Biochar, also known as black carbon, is a product derived from organic materials rich in carbon (C) and is found in soils in very stable solid forms, often as deposits. Biochars can persist for long periods of time in the soil at various depths, typically thousands of years. The most common example is charcoal, derived from wood. Similarly, the Terra Preta soils of the Amazon Basin are one of the more widely known examples of biochar. -- An Introduction to Biochars and Their Uses in Agriculture


The Importance of Sulfur for Florida Agricultural Production

SS715/SL502by Lakesh K. Sharma, Lincoln Zotarelli, and Christian T. ChristensenAugust 18, 2023Intended for Extension clients, this publication highlights the importance of sulfur in row and vegetable crop production systems in Florida, such as its use in pesticides and fertilizers. Additionally, the publication provides insights into the perspective of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on sulfur in naturally occurring aquatic systems. This publication's target audience is agricultural producers, Extension agents, crop consultants, representatives of the fertilizer industry, state and local agencies, students, instructors, researchers, and interested Florida citizens.

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