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Now brewing: Coffee research in Florida

Kirsten Romaguera RabinJune 5th, 2023The United States is consistently among the top coffee-consuming nations in the world, largely importing its favorite beans from South American countries such as Brazil and Colombia. University of Florida researcher Felipe Ferrao says the Sunshine State could become a global hub for coffee research. That’s why he’s leading studies into the caffeinated beverage and […]

Shiny-leaf Wild Coffee Brings Life to Troublesome Shady Spots

William LesterOctober 6th, 2021With the botanical name Psychotria nervosa you ask, “why put this plant in my yard?” The name translates “life” and “sinewy,” describing red berries that birds and small mammals eat and green shiny leaves with pronounced veins. Wild coffee is a partial shade and full shade loving evergreen shrub that brings life to your yard. […]

Florida-grown coffee? How UF scientists are using AI to serve up the possibilities

Samantha MurrayApril 14th, 2021Most of the world’s coffee is grown in tropical regions. However, a changing climate could allow coffee to grow farther north — for example, in Florida. To understand how that might work, scientists with the University of Florida are already growing coffee plants at the UF/IFAS Plant Science Research and Education Unit, about 30 minutes […]

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