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Composted Manure

Solid manure that has undergone a composting process.

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Dirty Jobs Abound in the Natural World

Erik LovestrandJuly 19th, 2022Most of us have had the displeasure of hurrying to our car, late for some appointment, climbing in, only to be assaulted by…sniff-sniff…the overpowering stench of doggy poo on a shoe. I can handle many of nature’s nasty smells pretty well but this one nearly gags me.  Imagine if this stuff never went away and […]

Helping Horse Owners Protect Florida’s Springs

Samantha MurraySeptember 28th, 2020Florida has nearly 400,000 horses, according to the 2018 survey by the American Horse Council. Many of these horses are managed on small-acreage farms and “ranchettes.” In North-Central Florida, the horse population is concentrated in counties with sensitive spring sheds and waterways. This means that horse owners play an important part in protecting Florida’s more […]

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sellisMarch 18th, 2020By BJ Jarvis A great way to break up the monotony if you are stuck at home is to grow some delicious and nutrition vegetables. Spring is the perfect time to start some relatively easy vegetables that thrive in our warm/hot days and pleasant nights. Green bean Pea (English) Pepper (all types) Sweet potato Eggplant […]

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