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The biodecomposition of organic material, such as animal wastes, plant residues or sludges, in the presence of air, by controlled methods including mechanical mixing and aerating.

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Composted Manure

Solid manure that has undergone a composting process.

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Composting effort marks 15-years of sustainability, education, and community-building

Mike LoizzoJuly 18th, 2024When Dr. Ann Wilkie created the UF Student Compost Cooperative (SCC) in 2009, the goal was to promote sustainability at the campus level. Over the next 15 years, the SCC grew to welcome the wider UF community. It also provided garden plots for members and the availability of a rainwater harvesting system. It offered them […]

UF/IFAS Extension partners with pizzeria to teach composting basics

Megan WinslowJuly 16th, 2024As a soil biologist and agent for UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County, David Hébert teaches everything from selecting compostable food items to identifying microorganisms. Most recently, he’s done so from within a bustling Fernandina Beach shopping center. Hébert’s affiliation with Amelia Plaza began in 2023, when Matt Klabacka contacted the Extension office and requested a visit […]

UF scientists plan to study whether cover crops or compost can increase the efficiency, resiliency of tomatoes, other produce

Brad BuckJuly 2nd, 2024Growers are always looking for ways to maintain or increase their yields and boost the ability of their crops to resist pests, diseases and heat brought on by climate change. That’s particularly the case when you grow crops in a high-intensity production system, which farmers use to grow tomatoes in Florida. Such systems require a […]

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