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Farmers' Markets


Best Practices for Shoppers at the Farmers' Market

FS302/FSHN17-7 by Maria Portelos-Rometo, Jamie Sapijaszko, and Soohyoun AhnSeptember 2, 2021This factsheet is one in a “Florida Farmers’ Markets” series that is designed to provide information to managers, vendors and shoppers of Florida farmers’ markets on topics highly relevant to starting and running a food business: regulations, best practices, and marketing. This series serves as a useful guide to help improve safety and marketability of Florida farmers’ markets.

Consuming Local Vegetables from Our Local Growers

HS1251/HS1251 by Qingren Wang, Edward A. Evans, Margie Pikarsky, and Teresa OlczykJune 14, 2021This publication promotes local vegetable consumption by pointing out some of the advantages, benefits, and business opportunities associated with local vegetable production and consumption. The targeted audiences of this article are food crop producers, consumers, business managers, extension agents and specialists, and government policy makers. Minor revision of the UF/IFAS Horticultural Sciences Department, written by Qingren Wang, Edward A. Evans, Margie Pikarsky, and Teresa Olczyk; 5 pp.

Peach Consumption: A Profile of Purchasers and Non-Purchasers

WC288/AEC626 by Joy Rumble, Kara Harders, and Kathryn StoferMarch 18, 2024A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet. Published by Nutrition and Food Systems

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