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Applied business model for animal feed generates revenue and improves livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Niger

Livestock LabMarch 17th, 2020A new business supplying animal feeds to rural Niger is helping to overcome vast distances and other hurdles that constrain the productivity and incomes of goat and sheep farmers. Though 90 percent of the rural population in Niger owns livestock, the income generated and impacts on nutrition and livelihoods remains very low. Smallholder farmers, especially […]

Peering into the Future of Livestock Systems

Livestock LabOctober 8th, 2018Although the future by definition remains unknown, new research techniques are helpful for predicting and understanding potential trends in livestock systems. To this end, a series of workshops are being planned for several countries, following an initial scenario workshop held in Ethiopia in July. These future scenario workshops gather researchers and government officials to use […]

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