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9/14/2023 GI-BMP in Orange County

Hannah WootenAugust 26th, 2023That is right! Fertilizer is regulated in Florida and in Orange County and beyond! Every person that applies fertilizer for hire is required by law to have a Limited Certification for Urban Landscape Fertilizer application. That means we need more GI-BMP trainers, too! Email me:  Work with me to attend a training, become a […]

Spring is dry season in Central Florida—Check irrigation systems!

Hannah WootenMarch 9th, 2023It is true that swampy Florida has a dry season, and the landscape is typically thirstiest in April. No April showers here! There is a season to apply more water and calibrate the system, and there is a season to back off the irrigation. If we can calibrate and adjust our irrigation systems, we can […]

Landscape Professionals: Add “Certified Florida-Friendly Landscaper” to Your Resume

Donna Corbelli CastroFebruary 16th, 2023If you do landscape maintenance, or own a landscape design company, perhaps you strive to be a cut above the rest?  If so, then becoming a Florida-Friendly landscaping professional may be for you! The Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program offers a Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Certified Professional (FFLCP) designation to individuals who have completed the required training in FFL […]