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Habitat Conservation

The preservation, maintenance, protection, restoration and enhancement of habitats for wild species.

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Weekly “What is it?”: Lion’s Mane

carriestevensonMay 23rd, 2024My husband’s best friend was a nature nerd like me. If I didn’t know what something was, Anthony was the first person I’d send a photo to for identification help. We lost him unexpectedly last year, but he shows up in small ways for us almost daily. After that round of storms blew through the […]

Weekly “What is it?”: Chocolate

carriestevensonMay 16th, 2024I have always had a sweet tooth. While some folks prefer their sweetness in fruit or fruity candy, my go-to has always been chocolate. So, you can imagine my delight upon learning our national meeting for Extension natural resource agents would be held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I just returned from the meeting last week, and […]

Weekly “What is it?”: In-Stream Trash Collection

carriestevensonMay 9th, 2024If you’ve ever peeked over the railings of a bridge spanning an urban stream, walked along the beach, or even paddled in some of our more rural rivers, you know we have a trash problem in our waterways. Northwest Florida is crisscrossed by hundreds of small—and large—water bodies that are downstream of all our cities, […]

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