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The natural environment where an organism, population or community lives, including biotic and abiotic factors. [NALT] [AGROVOC]

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Where is the Seagrass?

victorblancomarNovember 15th, 2021Where is the Seagrass? The Extension Office has received several calls from boaters with a concern about the changes in large seagrass areas that seem to be “gone”, showing only sandy patches where it used to be a good seagrass ground. Also, they report a great abundance of sea urchins in the same areas.   […]

Seagrass, sea urchin and scallop survey in Taylor County

victorblancomarNovember 15th, 2021Assessing the condition of seagrass, sea urchins, and scallops The UF/IFAS Extension Agent and a certified scientific volunteer diver visited the area between Piney Point and Grassy Island to assess the condition of seagrass, sea urchins ( and scallops following the concern of local boaters. To compare the survey results, the team visited 2 sampling […]

Conserving Bird Habitat in Cities

BLOGS.IFASMay 11th, 2021Bird habitats are affected by population and urban growth, but there are many opportunities to design and manage urban landscapes for a variety of birds. However, there is no simple evaluation tool that translates empirical research into practical, usable information for developing green infrastructure in regards to bird habitat. Green infrastructure can include yards […]

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