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Habitat Conservation

The preservation, maintenance, protection, restoration and enhancement of habitats for wild species.

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Weekly “What is it?”: Wetland delineation

carriestevensonApril 17th, 2024Wetlands are beautiful, important, and valuable components of our ecosystems. But for a long time, they were considered little more than insect-riddled cesspools, places devoid of worth. While not everyone fully appreciates wetlands’ many contributions to human and planetary health, state and federal laws do outline protection for these fragile systems that surround us. But […]

Weekly “What is it?”: Tarkiln Bayou State Preserve

carriestevensonApril 11th, 2024Florida is blessed with an abundance of ecologically diverse state parks. Among them are opportunities to hike, camp, and see wildlife lush forests and wide-open savannas or fish, swim, and paddle through pristine bayous and rivers. One park worth spending time in this time of year is Tarkiln Bayou State Preserve. Yes, that’s “Tar-KILN” not […]

Weekly “What is it?”: Scenic Highway Parks

carriestevensonMarch 6th, 2024Pensacola is a city blessed with parks. For a comparatively small community, we are home to 93 individual public parks within the city limits. Most residents have one in walking distance, within a few blocks of most homes. There are also 10 community centers, dozens of athletic fields, tennis and basketball courts, and two swimming […]

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