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Making Astringent Persimmon Edible

Gillian McGuireMay 24th, 2024Trying new things is a healthy part of life. Even the small stuff counts, such as trying a fruit you have never tasted before. You just have to hope the risk of trying new things plays out well and not poorly. I raise you this: sometimes it is both. What happens when you decide to […]

Persimmons: A Florida Fruit Treasure

Kevin FoltaOctober 19th, 2023Did you ever feel like you had a burning secret, something that you wanted to scream to the world because it is so good, yet so few people knew about it?  This is how I feel about persimmons. I’ll scream here. While they are a spectacular fruit borne of relatively low-maintenance trees, persimmons unfortunately reside […]

Predicting Florida’s Weather with Persimmon Seed

Karen StaudermanSeptember 21st, 2022I often wonder how folks could predict the coming winter weather PRIOR to our modern technologies. According to early folklore, it was the persimmon seed that was used for the forecast. As the saying goes, if you slice the seed in half, it will display either an image of a fork, knife, or a spoon […]

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