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Extension Cares! Psychosocial Support for Extension Mentoring

Karlibeth LeitheiserAugust 7th, 2023An important, and sometimes overlooked, function of a mentor is providing psychosocial support to your mentee. Psychosocial support means providing your mentee with the social and emotional resources they need to overcome obstacles and challenges. Having a friend on the job helps lighten the burden of overcoming barriers as a new agent. Need some help […]

Do as I Say AND as I Do: Role Modeling for Extension Mentors

Karlibeth LeitheiserJuly 31st, 2023Starting Out  Mentors are seasoned professionals in their field and have a unique opportunity to serve as role models for new employees. By sharing your expertise, experiences, and guidance, you can shape the next generation of professionals and contribute to the growth and success of the organization. Let’s explore ways to inspire and role model […]

Career Development Tips for Extension Mentors

Karlibeth LeitheiserJuly 24th, 2023Mentors wear a lot of “hats” when performing their duties; friend, role model, guide, and more. One of the most important forms of support a mentor can provide is advice on their mentee’s career advancement. New Extension agents will have questions on the structure of Extension, how to develop strong programs, the path to permanent […]