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The Importance of Record Keeping in 4-H

Gus KoernerMay 29th, 2024Record keeping is a vital skill taught by 4-H, extending beyond the program year. Members are encouraged to pick methods that suit them, highlighting their goals, achievements, and plans. Benefits of Accurate Record-Keeping Learning to keep accurate records can greatly benefit youth later in life, aiding in money management, checkbook balancing, or business operations. Record […]

4-H Clubs and Events Encourage Youth To Learn Life Skills

Gus KoernerMay 22nd, 2024All of the programs, projects, and events in our 4-H program are intended to encourage youth to learn life skills. For example: in our fair, we encourage record keeping; in archery, we teach personal safety; and in our camps, we practice cooperation. Life Skills The main goal of the 4-H program is to help young […]

Heart of 4-H: Cultivating Gratitude in Youth

ambernorrisMay 9th, 2024Gift giving occasions can teach youth the benefits of gratitude. These adults may be someone the youth may want to thank.  Many times, around holidays and special occasions we buy gifts for others to show our gratitude.  You may ask yourself, “how can youth give gifts to show their appreciation if they do not have […]