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Ecosystem Services




Benefits people and other organisms obtain from ecosystems; examples include: pure water and clean air, scenic landscapes, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

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The natural environment where an organism, population or community lives, including biotic and abiotic factors. 

Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

Alternate terms: leisure activies, leisure (recreation)


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UF/IFAS study offers critical insights to encourage sustainable agriculture, protect Florida grasslands, wetlands

Lourdes MederosJanuary 31st, 2024The term ‘sustainable agriculture’ involves boosting food production while conserving habitats and natural resources and reducing reliance on pesticides and fertilizers. While experts agree there is still much to learn to support its potential, they say sustainable agriculture models could promote food security, regulate climate change, promote biodiversity, improve water quality and more. University of […]

Quantifying the Value of Benefits derived from Agricultural Lands

Brad BuckDecember 7th, 2023Hundreds of species of wildlife live on private, agricultural land. As a result, farmers and ranchers are environmental stewards, as maintaining their land to support agriculture also plays a key role in providing wildlife ecosystems in addition to feeding Florida and the world.   Many producers implement best management practices on their farms, which helps keep […]

New public-private partnership allows UF/IFAS scientist to work on growing plants, storing carbon in clay soil

Brad BuckSeptember 14th, 2023In a new, public-private partnership, University of Florida scientist Zachary Brym wants to see if he can utilize plants to store carbon in clay soil in Polk County. Eventually, he’d like to see how collections of crops and other plants can help improve the health of local soils and contribute to environmental benefits beyond the […]

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