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UF/IFAS has been working to identify advanced genotypes of Brassica carinata (carinata) that will be profitable for cultivation as an oilseed crop in the southeastern US. Its high oil content and favorable fatty acid profile make it suitable for the biofuel industry as a biojet fuel. A near relative of collard and mustard, a variety developed by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station in 1972 can be also be grown as a green leafy vegetable in Florida.


UF/IFAS is working to identify varieties and planting recommendations that can be profitable for growers and environmentally responsible, with variety trials to find marketable hemp that grows well in Florida‹s diverse soils, climates, latitudes. Economic research is being conducted to find the input costs and expected market value. Additionally, we are conducting a study for risk of invasiveness.

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Hops (Humulus lupulus) are perennial, herbaceous climbing plants commonly cultivated for their strobiles or cones. The cones are often used for flavoring and aroma in food, tea, and beer. Hops can make a unique addition to a home garden or landscape.

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