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The oleander moth – color and calamity

Ralph MitchellAugust 25th, 2023Most moths are nocturnal and can be colorful additions to our backyards often attracted to lights at night or found on the side of the house in the morning.  There are also what are called “day-flying moths” which include the polka-dot wasp moth also known as the oleander moth.  This beautiful iridescent, spotted, red-rump moth […]

Attracting Butterflies and Moths to your Yard with Native Plants

Kate O'NeillJune 28th, 2018Attracting Butterflies and Moths to your Yard For those of us that want to attract butterflies and moths to our yards, we must focus on the four things they will need; Sun, Water, Shelter and Food. A butterfly garden should have plenty of sun (at least 6 hours a day) to attract our winged friends […]

Io Caterpillars Pack Painful Punch

Les HarrisonApril 19th, 2018Article and Audio Introduction by Les Harrison Looks, as the old saying goes, can be deceiving. It is a cautionary pronouncement from experience, usually painful and expensive, to serve as a warning to those who follow and hopefully avoid similar complications if they listen. In most situations a threat in nature can be easily identified […]

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