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Life Skills Development

Personal and social skills needed by everyone in daily living. [NALT]

[life skills development: AGROVOC]

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Making Decisions

Cooperative Extension aims at providing science-based information to help various clientele groups make better decisions. EDIS publications here include basic introductions to decisionmaking using force-field analysis and an economic approach to valuing information; strategies for making financial decisions as a family or resolving ethical issues within a coalition; and 4-H curricula for developing decision-making skills in youth.


The determination of the objectives or goals of an enterprise and the selection, through a systematic consideration of alternatives, of the policies, programs and procedures for achieving them.

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How Raising Animals in 4-H Nurtures Lifelong Skills

Gus KoernerJuly 12th, 2024In 4-H, youth ages 5 and up have the opportunity to participate in both small and large animal projects. Through 4-H programs, raising animals helps kids develop important life skills. In 4-H, young people care for animals such as chickens, rabbits, goats, and horses, teaching them responsibility, leadership, money management, and empathy. Responsibility and Time […]

Bikes Can Build Relationships

ambernorrisJune 27th, 2024Grab your helmet and let’s go for a bike ride.  Summertime is an opportunity to get out and get a little exercise.  Riding bikes is a fantastic way to spend time and build relationships with family and friends. Biking can activate the feeling of happiness.  Wearing a properly fitting helmet is a state law […]

Counter the Summer Slide with 4-H Resources

Melinda SouersMay 30th, 2024The summer school break has begun, and most students are happy to stop thinking about learning and focus on fun instead. The debate may be ongoing regarding summer academic loss but most educators agree that engaging kids in hands-on activities over summer creates opportunities to spark their interests and reinforces academic learning. (Brookings, 2017) Consider […]

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