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4-H Youth Development




4-H Agent Guide for Managing the Approval, Denial, and Releasing of Volunteers in Florida 4-H

4H428/4H428by Andrew Toelle, Heather Kent, and Sophia CooneyApril 13th, 2022The purpose of these Volunteer Management Guidelines is to provide Extension faculty assistance with approving, denying, and releasing volunteers. This document contains several example letters that may be used and other useful tools to assist you with this process. It also demonstrates steps in approving, denying, and releasing volunteers. Written by Andrew Toelle, Heather Kent, and Sophia Cooney; 7 pp.

Florida 4-H Camp Counselor Training Guide

4H398/4HLDL21 by Jessica Altum CooperAugust 30th, 2019

Strategies to Engage 4-H Parents

4H430/4H430by Julia S. KellyJanuary 31st, 2023Parent engagement makes a significant impact on a 4-H club’s success in fostering the development of targeted life skills in youth participants. This new 4-page publication of the UF/IFAS 4-H Youth Development Program presents 13 concrete strategies for engaging with parents and also addresses some potential challenges with communicating with parents. Written by Julia S. Kelly.

UF/IFAS Extension Florida 4-H Youth Protection Policy

4H444/4H444by Candi Dierenfield, Kathryn Hartman, Janet Waters, Matthew Olson, and Sophia AndrewsOctober 12th, 2023Updated UF/IFAS Extension Florida 4-H Youth Protection Policy

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