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Fisheries Management

The process to maintain aquatic resources that are important to fisheries, such as assessment of aquatic stocks, environmental monitoring and fishery regulation enforcement.


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Catch the Nature Coast Currents

Savanna BarryAugust 21st, 2020Nature Coast Currents 2022-2023 We are pleased to announce registration is open for the 2022-2023 webinar series, Nature Coast Currents! This free monthly webinar is designed to publicly communicate the results of the newest science and research conducted in the Nature Coast, especially along the southern portion that is encompassed by the Nature Coast Aquatic […]

New Federal South Atlantic Fishing Regulations: Descending Device Required On-Board

Holly AbeelsJune 22nd, 2020Beginning July 15, all recreational, commercial, and for-hire vessels will be required to have a working descending device on-board and readily available when fishing for any of the fish in the snapper-grouper complex in federal waters of the Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina to Florida. In Florida, this means any vessel that is fishing for […]

One fish, two fish, where’s that huge fish? Collaborative efforts inform Goliath grouper management

Angela CollinsOctober 12th, 2017Goliath grouper are one of Florida’s most iconic fish. Capable of reaching sizes greater than 7 feet in total length and weighing in at over 700 pounds, this fish is not afraid of much of anything. A reef associated species, Goliath grouper are often encountered at shipwrecks, reefs, or any other structure that provides them […]

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