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Public Policies

Public policy is a course of action chosen by public authorities to solve a problem, address an issue. Public policy is expressed in the body of laws, regulations, policy frameworks, implemented through programmes and projects.



Extension Professionals: Anticipating and Solving Common Challenges in Planning and Delivering Educational Programs

WC178/AEC513 by Laura A. Warner and Kathryn A. StoferSeptember 8, 2021A UF/IFAS numbered Fact Sheet. in support of UF/IFAS Extension program: ==Special Handling==

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4/3/24 Fundamentals of Palms: Principles, Problems, and Potential–In Person in Orange Co.

Hannah WootenMarch 22nd, 2024BEWARE! AFTER THIS CLASS, YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT PALMS THE SAME AGAIN! Palms are popular plants that represent a slice of Florida paradise! There is a science to growing pretty palms that will thrive in Florida, from wild places to managed spaces. By understanding the fundamentals of how palms grow and employing best management […]

ABBA Announces UF Department of Animal Sciences as Performance Breeder of the Year

Matti MoyerMarch 20th, 2024By: Jesse Savell The University of Florida (UF) registered its first Brahman cattle in 1949 under the herd number 1113. These cattle were located at the Range Cattle Experiment Station in Ona, FL. The foundation of the original herd came in the form of donated heifers from Eastern Brahman Breeders Association members like W.H. Stuart […]

South Florida Community Urban Food HUB

Lorna BravoMarch 15th, 2024Article by UF/IFAS Extension Broward County Urban Horticulture Agent Lorna Bravo & UF Intern Abraham Cuadrado Did you know that 15% of the world’s food is grown in urban areas? From backyard community gardens to vacant lots along highways and rooftops, urban farmers bring people closer to their food in limited spaces. Data Source: USDA. […]