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Climate-Smart Agriculture

Climate-smart agriculture (CSA) is agriculture that sustainably increases productivity, resilience (adaptation), reduces/removes green house gases (mitigation), and enhances achievement of national fool security and development goals.

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Zone Changes: What You Need to Know

Alyssa VinsonNovember 15th, 2023Change is the only inevitability. We see it echoed in the metamorphosis of insects, the too-quick growth of our children, the gray in our hair. From one moment to the next, the cells that comprise our bodies are shifting, changing, dying, regenerating. The planet too changes, in cyclical patterns or abruptly, suddenly, and occasionally catastrophically. […]

Weekly “What is it?”: Climate Smart Floridians

carriestevensonSeptember 6th, 2023Several years ago, a group of Extension Agents and specialists created a series of classes called “Sustainable Floridians.” The course was designed to teach new and long-time residents about ways to conserve natural resources, energy, and water. Participants were encouraged to get involved in local community decision-making about environmental issues. The course had a module […]

How Hot Can You Go? Warmer bay waters and the thermal maximums of estuarine creatures

Rick O'ConnorAugust 31st, 2023I attended a meeting recently where one of the participants stated – “We have been looking at a lot of water quality parameters within our bay in recent years, and plan to look at more, but has anyone been looking at temperature?”   What he was referring to was that the focus of most monitoring […]

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